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Keystone is the only large-scale ski resort that has a TON of free very walkable parking. To get free parking at other resorts means parking miles away and riding a shuttle bus. Not at Keystone... there are 3 free lots!

Closest free parking it in the 'Pika Lot'. This used to be a paid parking lot but was opened up in 2009-10 and has achived 'locals secret' status. Turn into Keystone at the River Run sign (same as if you were parking in the Montezuma lot described below) but instead of heading left like a lemming, keep going straight and around to Mountain House base area. The Pika lot is on the right just before you the 'buses only' signs. Paid parking is on the left, Free on the right.

90% of the free parking is at the main River Run 'Montezuma Lot'. This lot is where all of the signs take you. There is also an overflow lot open during only the busiest day that they direct people to if the Montezuma lot is full. This lot is actually closer than the Montezuma lot, so don't be disappointed if you are directed here to park because Montezuma is full... it's a gift.
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+1 # Bob 2012-01-31 10:52
Are their any grocery stores in keystone?Also the best place to watch superbowl
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0 # keystoneguru 2012-01-31 11:01
there are 3 small grocery stores in keystone that will provide everything you need for small meals, breakfasts, lunches or even full dinners. they are are small and are all VERY expensive but perfect to pick up a gallon of milk and a few things without having to drive to dillon

one is in river run (rockin-r), one in the mountain view plaza (across from mountain house base area on hwy 6. and one is at the stoplight on the way to dillon (along with the only gas station).

the best grocery idea is to drive 15 mins to dillon to the city market in the large shopping area on the right near i-70.
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+1 # keystoneguru 2012-01-31 11:02
for the super bowl, i recommend 3 places.

most and biggest tvs and cheapest = dos locos in mountain view plaza.
most crowded/great scene = kickapoos at river run base area
most laid back/locals = last lift bar at mountain house base area
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