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There are about 2,500 condos, townhomes and single-family homes available for rent in Keystone. These properties are primarily owned by private investors as their 2nd home.

Property Owners then rent the properties out by the night, week or month. Property owners can rent the property themselves, primarily on the www.vrbo.com website or they can hire one of several professional management companies to take rentals for them and provide guest services.

And then there is also a hybrid approach... Many property owners that rent their condo on vrbo.com use the same property management companies to serve their guests. These owners usually advertise on their vrbo ad that their guests will be taken care of by a professional management company.

The management companies in Keystone fall into 3 categories. There is the resort itself that manages just under 1/2 of all of the properties, and then on-site smaller companies and off-site smaller companies.

The on-site smaller companies offer a good blend of competitive pricing and in-resort services to handle issues if they arrive like being locked out of your room or loss of heat or noise next door etc etc.

All property managers other than the resort itself use tripadvisor.com as a third party to collect reviews from past guests. The currently highest rated of these companies is SkyRun Vacation Rentals at http://keystone.skyrun.com who manages over 100 properties in Keystone (and about 100 properties in other Colorado ski towns).
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